About us

DRP Aquatics was founded by Johan Roux, a chemist and water treatment consultant with a passion for keeping and breeding the more difficult fish species to breed. He started breeding Angels and Discus fish in 2001 in South Africa until he migrated to Australia in 2008. After a few years in Australia, finding his feet after getting over the trauma of emigration he started with tropical fish keeping once again but this time started specialising in fish diseases and the management thereof. He got involved in microscopy with the Discus breeding and tried various techniques to rid the Discus fry of gill flukes which is the biggest contributor to discus fry deaths or the so called three week syndrome. 

After mastering the breeding and raising of Discus he decided to change over to the breeding of German Blue Rams, Microgeophagus Ramirezi. Main reason for doing this was to understand why these fish are so very susceptible to disease that shorten their lifespan drastically. He imported some wild Rams via a local fish shop to cross with tank bred Blue rams and disaster struck when all of them got the mycobacterium infection and died. He was lucky to get two spawns from the wilds and the F1 babies are in a growth phase right now to be the future breeders in strengthening the weak Blue Ram strains we currently have in Australia.  After having histology performed on some dead Blue Rams Johan derived a plan to rid his Rams of the dreadful Mycobacterium disease that was responsible for the Ram deaths.  This was accomplished in about a years time and the fish he breeds now are disease free. 

It is this project that lead him to search for a food source that could provide the nutritional benefits to his Rams to ensure they grow at a good rate and that they remain healthy.  Many people have bought his Rams and are still keeping them, some being over a year old already. going forward some new strains came through in electric blue rams and one golden ram which is now called the queen of the hatchery. She has been crossed with a Blue Ram and has produced quite a few golden rams. The objective is to bring her Boy back to her to see if we can purify the Golden Ram strain in Australia. The DRP food range has helped with the success achieved in the last 12 to 16 months with the breeding project and the passion and drive is to bring this food at a respectable price to the greater hobby market so all can benefit from it.

Johan has put together DRP Detox which is a cheap chlorine and chloramine  neutraliser and a heavy metal binder. This is a dry crystal product that you mix yourself with water to make your desired volume of chlorine neutraliser.

Due to his chemistry background he is also looking into future products like Nitrate removers that are being designed.

For now this new web page is about the food but future content and product will be developed to help hobbyists achieve a better living environment for their fish.