The best food that all fish species can eat in aquarium

The best food that all fish species can eat in aquarium

by Johan Roux on Aug 29, 2023

DRP 1 to 5 - the food that all fish species can eat. The food size varies so it can be used for fish of various sizes. The range is designed to be fit for purpose from day one for free swimming fry to adulthood and beyond. A rule of thumb selection of food size should be based on selecting a granule size that is not larger than about 20-30% of the fish’s mouth size.

DRP 1 (0.58 to 0.91 mm )

A growth formula that can be fed to the fry of all fish types of fish by
crushing between your fingers to size it down to 30 micron. For tropical, cold water and marine fish.Typically, suitable to raise fry from day one free swimming of small breeds like Neon Tetra, Guppies, Zebre fish, Killifish, Betta Fish, Corydoras Catfish, Rainbow fish, German blue rams, Apistogramma and much more. Marine fish like Clownfish, Gobies, Cardinal fish, Chromis, Damsels, Anthias, Firefish and more. Cold water fish like goldfish as well as native cold water fish. This is a small granule that is excellent for raising fry to adulthood.

DRP2 (0.92 to 1.8mm )

This food is of the same constituents as DRP1 and is just a bigger size
granule that is used to feed bigger juveniles and adults of the small fish species range. Adult fish like, Apistogramma, German blue rams, Betta’s, Gouramis, Kribensis, Tetra species, Angels, Discus fish,Plecostomus, Rainbow sharks, Rasboras, Sword tails, Platies and the rest. Basically all fish species can
have this food if they are still in their infant stages.

DRP3 (1.3mm ) 

This food size is great for all adult species of fish in your tank. The 1.3mm size
is very suitable for your slightly bigger species like Discus, Angels, all your African and American cichlids, catfish, most marine fish species will be able to eat this size granule eg. Clown fish, Surgeonfish, Angel fish, Empress Angel fish etc. The granules are slow sinking giving fish chance to
grab a bite. All cold water fish species will also engage this food.

DRP4 (2.3 mm ) 

This food size is very popular with most of the African and American Cichlid species and some of the bigger aquarium fish species like, Adult Discus, Uara’s, Pearl Gouramis. For marine fish, adult clown fish, Chromis, Cardinalfish will love this food. Cold water koi fish and goldfish will love this food.

DRP5 (4.1 mm ) 

This is the largest pellet in the DRP food range at 4.1 mm in size. Very suitable for all L-Numbers. This food is also very well absorbed and pleco's just love it so much that they leave other foods to take the DRP5 pellets. Bottom feeder fish tropical and marine can also eat the pellets as they become soft and therefore easily edible. Various Tang species and butterfly fish can eat this food.