Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food - New to Australia

Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food - New to Australia

by Johan Roux on Jul 08, 2023

We are continuously searching for new high end fish food products to supplement the DRP range of fish food we have in Australia. The importance is in the health and wellbeing of the fish. They deserve to be looked after properly and to be fed quality foods for their wellbeing.  I am happy to report that DRP Aquatics is now the official Australian distributor for the most superior fish food on the market to date. This is the Dr. Gerald Bassleer Biofish Food. He has spent years in researching fish diseases and to find proper treatment and cures for the fish. This gave rise to focus on fish health through the gut of the fish. For that you need good food that is easily and effectively digestible with minimum waste production. Dr. Bassleer has perfected the dietary requirements of fish through all of his studies and has published over 160 videos of his work in curing fish diseases with medication but also with his Bio fish food that is designed for specific medical conditions.

Using this food as prescribed by Dr. Bassleer in his videos will ensure that you will help your fish retain its health and condition in a very short time.


The objective is always to feed your fish a variety of food. This is to ensure the fish gets all the nutrients and minerals needed to lead a healthy life. Dr. Bassleer has designed exactly that in his food. The food box is a mixture of 4 foods, Regular, Garlic, Acai and Chlorella. Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food contains a very high level of protein. It provides fish with all vitamins, trace elements and minerals they require. Ornamental fish fed with Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food are distinctly more colourful and active. Both their growth and their fertility are promoted.

For an optimal nutrition, not only the nutritional quality but also the versatility of the diet is crucial. Even the best food is not the best possible solution either with permanent and sole use. Variety makes the difference. Even in nature, a fish does not find the same food every day. An optimal diet consists of a varying feeding with different varieties of high-quality food.

The Dr. Bassleer Biofish Foodbox is the beginning to enter the large selection of Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food range. The attractive box contains granulated food in four different varieties, which are offered alternately to the fish. These are Regular, Garlic, Acai and Chlorella.

The Dr. Bassleer Biofish Foodbox is an ideal present for the ambitious aquarist. Be sure to try this out and see what difference it makes in your fish over a very short time.

Have a look at the link below: This is a background of Dr. Bassleer.


Thank you for supporting and using DRP Aquatic’s for your fish food needs. We strive to bring you the best of the best in fish food.